Anti-theft of anti-theft door locks is also important.

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According to reports, the anti-theft door lock > lock core is generally divided into A, B and super B. Anti-theft door anti-theft, in addition to the door anti-theft, anti-theft door lock anti-theft is also very important. The anti-theft door lock directly affects the anti-theft function of the anti-theft door!

According to reports, in addition to some old-fashioned anti-theft doors using A-class lock cores, most of the anti-theft doors in families are B-class locks, and some newly installed anti-theft doors begin to use super B-class locks. Nowadays, many community owners help to unlock and replace locks. They usually introduce the technical principles to the owners and recommend the owners to use super B lock cores. Therefore, it should be in a period from B to super B lock cores.

The level of the lock core of the door lock in the home can be distinguished from the key. Generally speaking, Class A is the most primitive and unsafe lock core. The owner's key is flat. Only one-sided single-row bullet slots and some cross keys are classified as Class A. Such a lock can be opened in about two or three minutes, and the familiar hands will be faster. Class B is a safer level. From the key point of view, it is a double-sided double-row bullet slot. If the lock has tools, the skilled worker will open it in about 10 minutes. Super B lock is the safest level at present. Looking at the general double-sided double-row bullet groove from the key, there is a blade or curve beside it. Such lock core design technical standard needs to be opened for more than 280 minutes, and the general skilled lock master also needs to spend an hour.

How to distinguish the level of anti-theft door lock, how to distinguish anti-theft door lock, can be distinguished from the key of the door lock, correctly distinguish the level of anti-theft door lock!

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