Seven Indicators of Intelligent Anti-theft Door with Class C Anti-theft Lock

Origin Author Time:2018-03-03 12:00:00

1. Structural Guarantee of High Quality

Another feature of products in the age of intelligence is simpler and more reliable. Every little bit of simplicity requires a very complex and hard design of the background, as well as a burglar-proof door. High-end products must be the most concise, complex parts will never let you see.

The more complex the surface of the anti-theft door design is simpler, the material requirements will be lower, of course, the quality will be poor. Surface is very complex, embossing a lot of anti-theft doors are low-end products. The defects of poor material and rough technology must be covered up by complex appearance. The more sophisticated the anti-theft door, the more concise the appearance, the higher the anti-theft door does not need any decoration, just like Apple products.

2. High-end C-class anti-theft lock support

With the introduction of new anti-theft lock standard, the biggest change is that Class A anti-theft door must be equipped with Class C anti-theft lock. Of course, Class C anti-theft locks also have high or low performance quality, high-end anti-theft doors must be higher than his anti-theft locks.

Regrettably, it is difficult to find the exquisite appearance of class C anti-theft door lock in the catalogue of self-proclaimed class C anti-theft locks in China. Although it can be found in the import lock, the price is really difficult to meet the expectations of the market.

3. More experience of anti-theft lock function

High-end anti-theft door and high-end itself can do is the process of fine, more reasonable structure, and anti-theft lock can provide more technical function support, improve added value. For example, the configuration of walnut lock can realize remote safe unlocking and provide more security management functions. The three-in-one function of the multicolor anti-theft lock can be used as three locks. The organizational lock function can open hundreds or thousands of locks with one key and realize the authority management at the same time.

4. Intelligent docking

The development of the intelligent age is the safe docking of objects. If your anti-theft door can not be docked, you may be absent in the tide of intelligence. It may be a better development direction to use smart lock to realize the docking with smart home.

5. Perfect Service System

The future opportunities of the high-end anti-theft door market lie in service. It is difficult to develop products without a complete service system. Most of the profits of future enterprises come from services rather than products. Designing a structured service system is the only way for anti-theft door enterprises. The three-in-one function of multi-color lock, the function of organizing lock, the key configuration and the technical upgrading of intelligent lock of walnut lock are the best structural design for the anti-theft door brand enterprises to serve for profit.

6. More Patent Protection

The rapid development of the information age has created opportunities for cross-industry integration for traditional anti-theft door enterprises. Many new innovations, new discoveries and new technologies will soon emerge. Applying for and protecting their own patents is the prerequisite for the smooth development of enterprises. Without intellectual property rights, it is difficult for enterprises to develop by copying and imitating.

In order to become a higher-end brand enterprise of anti-theft doors, and to make the enterprise forward-looking and better develop towards intellectualization, anti-theft doors enterprises must use the integrative ability of the intellectualized era to better integrate resources, and through their own continuous innovation and discovery, design more and better products with independent property rights that can be connected with the times, with a complete sales and service system. The traditional anti-theft door brand can develop healthily.

7. Anti-theft doors with high facial value

A world of faces, so anti-theft doors also need high-face design. Only exquisite design can get the attention of consumers. Exquisite, beautiful and concise are synonyms of intelligent products.

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