Whether the anti-theft door can guard against theft depends on the lock core.

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Nowadays, many households use anti-theft doors. The types of lock cores of anti-theft door locks emerge endlessly. If you want to repair a broken lock or change a new lock in your home, where can you find a reliable repairman and how to choose a suitable lock? The Master of the People's Union here gives us some tips for readers, hoping to help you.

Choose a lock-unlocking company with caution

The posters of unlocking companies can be seen everywhere in the corridor, especially in the old districts, but which ones are really reliable in these companies with a wide range of names? Some readers also have the question that if so many unlocking companies are easy for thieves to find unlocking services, is their locks not safe? The Master of the People's Union told reporters that unlocking is now very popular. There are a lot of services, and they all claim to be filed in the public security bureau. "When we ask to come to our house, we need to see the identity card of the owner and the identity certificate that can be proved to be the owner of the house. We will also bring the documents filed in the public security department to the homeowner.

As a consumer looking for unlocking service, the convenience master reminds you that before unlocking, you must ask the master to show valid certificates and their certificates for filing in the public security bureau. You must not randomly find someone on the small poster to unlock, so as to avoid leading wolves into the room.

Choose the lock core of the anti-theft door.

Which kind of lock core is more anti-theft? According to the introduction, the anti-theft door lock core used in the market is basically divided into three levels, namely A, B, super B. Among them, the anti-destructive opening time of Class A lock core is more than 15 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is more than 1 minute. The anti-destructive opening time of class B lock core is more than 30 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is more than 5 minutes. The anti-technicality opening time of the lock core of the super-B security door is more than 4 hours.

The league's master said: "The core of the anti-theft door can be identified by the number of rows of marbles. Generally speaking, multi-row marble locks are better than single-row marble locks, and multi-row invisible marble locks are better than ordinary multi-row marble locks." The cost of Class B locks is higher than Class A locks. If you feel that your anti-theft door locks are unsafe, you can consider replacing them with Class B locks or super B locks.

Some users are too "visualized" about the choice of anti-theft doors. They think that the style of doors, the thickness and price of steel plates are the key points of the choice of anti-theft doors, but in fact they are not. Master Benmin said: "The choice of anti-theft door should pay more attention to the lock core, which is the core of the whole anti-theft door." So when you choose, you must know the part of the lock core from the salesperson.

Now some well-known brand anti-theft doors equipped with door locks are basically fixed-point locks manufactured by manufacturers of high-quality products, the cost is relatively high. In order to pursue low price, some small anti-theft door manufacturers are equipped with low-price and inferior door locks manufactured by small lock manufacturers. Most of the steel plates of these locks are not of good quality. Some of them are not even steel plates, but imitation cast iron plates or imitation steel plates, which can be broken with great effort. Can you imagine how such a burglar-proof door can be burglar-proof?

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