If the lock core is selected properly, the anti-theft door can be reliable.

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We use the door lock every day. It has become the patron saint and the closest friend in our life. So, have you ever known your friends in depth? Starting from the structure of the door lock, we all know how your friends can ensure the safety of your family.

The first type: single-bead structure of marble lock core (market share 50%): This structure of the core is the earliest and most original lock core structure, mainly through multiple single-bead marbles to lock the lock gallbladder and core shell, as long as each single bead moves up and down to the appropriate position can be unlocked, very easy to open.

The second kind: the lock core of the blade structure (occupancy 30%): The lock core of this structure is through rotating the blade structure in the lock core, so that the gap on the blade forms a straight groove, so that the movable tip in the lock core falls into the straight groove of the blade and can be unlocked, as long as the position of the blade is adjusted well, it is easy to unlock.

The third kind: the lock core of finger bead structure (occupancy 1%): the lock core of this structure corresponds to the serpentine groove. In fact, the working principle of single-row, double-row and multi-row curves is the same. The main purpose is to make the finger beads in the lock core move parallel to the same position to realize the unlocking.

The fourth kind: the lock core of the double-bead structure of mother and son (occupancy 3%): The lock core of this structure is composed of two nested beads inside and outside. Only when the two beads inside and outside are all identical can the lock be unlocked, which greatly increases the difficulty of unlocking!

The fifth kind: the lock core of the interactive bead structure (occupancy 1%): the lock core of this structure is to add the moving beads or springs which interact with the lock core on the key of the lock core.

Sixth: the mortise structure of the lock core, this structure of the lock core (occupancy 2%), like wood and wood between the use of tenon-mortise link, so that the beads and mortise lock beads embedded link, it is difficult to open!

The seventh type: hybrid structure (occupancy 3%), consisting of two or more structures of the lock core, the complexity of which makes the lock have the unbreakable quality, such as CEI multicolor lock core.

Common lock cores on the market are derived from the above structural combinations, or single structure, or double structure, or multiple structure; then, what kind of lock cores should we choose to prevent theft?

First: the complexity of a lock core structure, the more complex the structure of the lock core, the more anti-theft. Any single structure of the lock core is not anti-theft!

Second, a lock core is not anti-theft, but also depends on the precision of the lock core processing, even if a lock has a complex structure, if the precision of processing is not high, the gap between the lock core will be large, as anti-theft!

Thirdly, the anti-theft performance of the lock core with composite structure is higher than that of the lock core with single structure.

Fourth, anti-drilling bolt can be better anti-violent opening.

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