Anti-theft door is very important to anti-theft lock core

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Anti-theft door is the most important means of security in a home. The lock core of the anti-theft door is not anti-theft. It is useless to do well in other aspects. Many owners have replaced their burglar-proof doors with thick and strong stainless steel ones, but many of them have been stolen. Others have spent thousands of dollars to change their burglar-proof doors. Then they find a lock-changing company to help him change the most burglar-proof lock core. In many cases, there is no need to change the anti-theft door. There is almost no need to change the anti-theft door. Just change the anti-theft lock core can achieve the anti-theft function.

What kind of lock core is safe against theft?

Experts remind you: anti-theft door locks are classified into A, B and super B (C) unlocks with different keys. The higher the level, the greater the anti-theft coefficient. The anti-theft technology of super B locks has more than 270 minutes, which is relatively safe. Therefore, it is suggested that readers replace the lock core as early as possible for their own property and personal safety. At present, there are too many imitation anti-theft locks on the market, so it is suggested to buy them in regular lockstores.

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