How to change the lock core of the anti-theft door?

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Lock core is equivalent to the heart of the lock and is the core part to drive the movement of the lock bolt. If the anti-theft door lock at home is broken, it is more troublesome to replace the lock as a whole, you can consider changing the lock core, which is convenient and practical. Today I share with you how to change the lock core of the anti-theft door for your reference.

How to change the lock core of the anti-theft door? The steps are very simple, such as unscrewing the screw, unloading the anti-theft sleeve of the lock core, unloading the old lock core, installing the anti-theft shell of the lock core, installing the handle, installing and closing the inside and outside handle, adjusting the inside and outside handle. Get ready a screwdriver with a crosshead and your new lock core. Learn how to change the lock core of a burglar-proof door together.

Steps for changing lock core of anti-theft door

1. Remove the lock panel. After choosing the lock core, find the two screws on the back of the lock to fix the lock panel. Turn down the two screws above and below the handle panel, and the panel will be removed. It can be done with a cross screwdriver, and it's very simple.

2. After the screw is screwed, put the screw in place, turn off the lock core and put the screw on both sides of the sleeve. However, it should be noted that the two screw should not be screwed too tightly during installation, so as not to open the door handle too tightly. Remove the handle first and then the lock cap.

3. Put the lock core into the sleeve and remove it. Place it with the screw. Remember the steps of disassembly and return is the same. Everything that has been disassembled should be put in place without loss.

4. Turn out the screw that fixes the lock core and remove the lock core. If the screw can't be pulled out by hand, knock down the lock head on the left or right side of the hammer and try again.

5. Install the lock core anti-theft case according to Step 3 and install the handle before installing the handle. Now insert the safety bolt and install the handle above.

6. Install and close the inner and outer handles. The outer handles should be held together with help. The two meet symmetrically, and then proceed to the next step.

7. Adjust the inside and outside handles, make sure they are well coordinated. The screw holes should be aimed at the nut over there, or rotate the screw after illuminating with a flashlight.

8. Insert the screw vertically. If the nut inside is not allowed when inserting the screw, please shake the screw with your finger. Generally, friends who rotate the screw can realize whether the screw is aligned.

9. Fixed the panel, tighten the screw, pay attention to the screw can not be too tight, the hand receives the service sticker, it can not be flexible rotation.

10. Finally, try the effect. We must keep the door open and try again, so that we don't lock the door. If the door is not repaired, we have to start all over again. By inserting the key to rotate 360 degrees to twist the insurance, everything can be handmade after normal.

How to change the lock core of the anti-theft door? The above is the specific operation method for everyone. If the new lock core is still not flexible, it may be that the upper and lower lock tongues of the connecting rods are rusty. The screw of the upper and lower lock tongue can be removed and the box with the lock tongue can be greased.

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