How to choose high-end anti-theft doors and lock security after opening blocks?

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Recently, community management has become a hot topic in the current society. How to ensure the security of the community and enhance the reliability of their own door locks has become the heartbreak of owners before decoration. In the future, high-end anti-theft doors and anti-theft locks will be the necessary tools for anti-theft in open blocks. Then, how can owners choose high-end anti-theft doors and anti-theft locks?

It can be said that the core driving force for selecting anti-theft doors is the lock itself, while other factors, such as panel materials, design, fit, etc., can be rejected by the lock itself. So, how should consumers identify all kinds of locks on the market? The author tries to compare several domestic and foreign brands of door lock products, so that consumers have some reference in mind. In fact, it is not difficult to select a practical and reliable door lock for theft-proof door if we grasp some standards.

In terms of lock product design and structure, the first-line brand is not uncommon. For example, the design of the KALE Kalle lock core from Turkey is excellent. The design of double lock body in structure can effectively improve the degree of anti-theft. The same example is the American lock brand MEDECO Medico, which also has a good structural design. However, due to the low precision and applicability, the former is not precise enough and does not have handles; the latter is on the high side, and the American version locks are obviously not suitable for China's actual situation. This makes similar products less ideal for anti-theft doors at the same price.

Therefore, the safety of the lock itself depends on the structure, processing accuracy, material selection, core protection and so on. It seems that it is not easy to select a lock core that meets all the requirements perfectly. However, in various comparisons, consumers have their own considerations in terms of their actual needs. In fact, in comparison, several domestic brands have their own characteristics and positioning, but it is easier to catch people's eyes. Even there are numerous award-winning star products, consumer reputation is not bad. China's leading CEI colorful anti-theft door lock is the representative of such products. Firstly, the design of automatic controllable lock with independent patent design is easy to look at. The skillful setting of anti-drilling tie and anti-drilling bits, together with the high-specification three-in-one manufacturing technology, are enough capital to be arrogant. The realization of integrated design is the future direction of international lock design.

As the first line of defense to ensure home safety, besides the strong role of anti-theft locks, there are also our anti-theft doors are indispensable. Here, how can we choose a high-end anti-theft door? Compared with low-end burglar-proof doors in the market, what are the advantages of high-end burglar-proof doors? I think it's more about intelligence and technology.

1. If the structure and material of the anti-theft door are not good, the anti-theft performance will decrease. The anti-theft quality of anti-theft doors is also affected by the structure or materials used. The basic requirements are well-shaped bone structure, 25 mm x 300 x 300 anti-reinforcing plate around the lock and filling of aluminum honeycomb. The thickness of door panel is 55-70mm, which is the best standard. It is not easy to pry open the door panel and the lock is not easy to twist. If the door is too thick (more than 80 mm), the door panel is not rigid and the lock is easy to loosen.

Also: if the door is too thick, the weight will increase, the service life of the door will be shortened, and the use effect will be poor. The material used is also very important, stainless steel plate is well done, iron plate is the worst, if honeycomb paper is used as filler, the quality can not be guaranteed. Many thicknesses of anti-theft doors, in order to reduce the cost, reduce the material requirements, so that the quality of anti-theft doors will be worse.

2. Hinge is the soft rib of anti-theft door. Hinge will leave hidden danger to safety.

The security flaws of the burglar-proof door come from its open hinge, which is an open secret. Open the door if you hang everything open. However, because of its low cost and low precision of manufacture and installation, more than 98% of enterprises are using it. In order to reduce the safety risk, Xudu products have added anti-theft granules to its hinges. In fact, the role of anti-theft granules is negligible.

3. Burying and opening the door inside the threshold of the anti-theft door will ensure better anti-theft effect. Another potential safety hazard of anti-theft door comes from the installation method of threshold. Burying the threshold in the ground prevents jacking the door open. Others: The anti-theft effect of the inner door is better than that of the outer door. It can better prevent the hinge from being cut or the jack from being damaged.

4. Installation without cement will affect the quality of anti-theft. The anti-theft door frame will not work well if it is not filled with cement. The doorframe has a lot of space, and if it is not filled with cement, it will be easy to pry open.

Summary: The anti-theft performance of anti-theft door depends on the anti-theft lock core, anti-theft lock, the structure of anti-theft door, material, hinge and installation requirements. It has nothing to do with the thickness of the anti-theft door, the number and shape of the lock points. But the door is too thick, too many locks, too strange will affect the use effect, will increase the failure rate.

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