Detailed Description of Three Safety Levels of Anti-theft Door Lock Core

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Almost every family has anti-theft doors, so do you know the security level of the anti-theft door lock core? When we buy locks at ordinary times, we must not look at the design of the key handle, the key is the design of the key itself!

Detailed Description of Three Safety Levels of Anti-theft Door Lock Core

Class-A lock

At present, the class A anti-theft lock keys on the market mainly include a word key and a cross key. The internal structure of Class A lock core is very simple, which is limited to the change of marbles, and the slots of marbles are few and shallow. The anti-technical opening time is within 1 minute, and the mutual opening rate is very high. The structure of the marble is a single row of marbles or a cross lock.

B level lock

Class B lock keys are flat keys with two rows of billiard slots. The difference between Class A lock and Class B lock is that there are more curved and irregular lines on the key surface. There are three main types of lock core, computer double row lock core, double row crescent lock core and double-sided blade lock core. The anti-technical opening time is within 5 minutes, and the mutual opening rate is high. The lock core can be opened within 1 minute by means of a strong twisting tool.

Lock God Super C Class Lock

The key shape is a key groove with positive and negative blade structure, and the type of lock core is bilateral column lock core. It can not be opened technically for 800 minutes by the Ministry of Public Security, and the area opening rate is zero (one hundred billion). The structure of the blade is 48 blades with double-sided column lock. If the lock core is opened by a strong torsion tool, the inner part of the lock core is damaged and the lock is self-exploded, which results in the failure to open.

Teach you how to pick the lock.

Buy a lock and look at the "teeth" of the key. The more teeth, the deeper teeth, the more complex the arrangement, the more difficult the opening, the better the anti-theft performance.

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